Thursday, January 12, 2012

Right Hand Girl

I have no memory of why I wrote this poem.  But it has the theme, like much of my writing, about how unfortunate it is that we're boxed into categories.  I hate that my status of 'mother' makes me seemingly incapable of other things now, like being sexy or racy.  I hate that being book-smart means you can't be worldly; I hate that classical music and hard rock are different worlds when some people thrive in both.  I could go on.  But hey, I've got the poem.  I still agree with myself, so that's something, right?

Right Hand Girl (7/23/02)
Without any warmth on my body's right side
I am cold I am lost I am sad petrified
and never did I lose much sleep when I cried
         I did it, I did it for love

As cold as the grave on a September night
I let myself bathe in the cool camera light
and I tell you I never once thought it was right
          but I did it, I did it for love

I never cared much for the beige and the gray
when the pictures were color always anyway
I snuck out the back door, just to run away
          even though there was nothing but love

Indecent and crude and entitled to be
Could I be all that, and also be me?
If I never find out I will never be free
          What is it, instead, that I love?

I did all my headstands like good little girls
I traded my freedom and watched it uncurl
But now when I turn back to my right-hand girl
          I do it, I do it for love

Sunday, January 8, 2012

everything old is new again - found poem!

I have been wanting to put my writing here, and since I just found this poem frmo a few years back (6 to be exact) I thought I'd begin with it.  It's called "Over the Moon."  I don't remember why I wrote it, but since my first son was born a few months before it I assume it has to do with him.

Sweet like rice wine
setting me free
You still don't believe
what you see

Faded emotion
Dry like desert dunes
Yet now you find yourself
over the moon

Sweet coffee candy
calms me from fear
You refuse to believe
what you hear

Your circus fears
popped your big blue balloon
Yet still you find yourself
over the moon

Sweet like the smile
you see as you grow
You will soon learn to trust
what you know

All your depths uncharted
You'll learn to swim, soon
Once, you could not even look at it
But now
you are
over the moon