Thursday, January 12, 2012

Right Hand Girl

I have no memory of why I wrote this poem.  But it has the theme, like much of my writing, about how unfortunate it is that we're boxed into categories.  I hate that my status of 'mother' makes me seemingly incapable of other things now, like being sexy or racy.  I hate that being book-smart means you can't be worldly; I hate that classical music and hard rock are different worlds when some people thrive in both.  I could go on.  But hey, I've got the poem.  I still agree with myself, so that's something, right?

Right Hand Girl (7/23/02)
Without any warmth on my body's right side
I am cold I am lost I am sad petrified
and never did I lose much sleep when I cried
         I did it, I did it for love

As cold as the grave on a September night
I let myself bathe in the cool camera light
and I tell you I never once thought it was right
          but I did it, I did it for love

I never cared much for the beige and the gray
when the pictures were color always anyway
I snuck out the back door, just to run away
          even though there was nothing but love

Indecent and crude and entitled to be
Could I be all that, and also be me?
If I never find out I will never be free
          What is it, instead, that I love?

I did all my headstands like good little girls
I traded my freedom and watched it uncurl
But now when I turn back to my right-hand girl
          I do it, I do it for love

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