Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Important Thing #1: Jani Lane

Did you know...

....That Jani Lane died on August 11, 2011?
Did you care?  Well, I think you should have.

 He was best known as the lead singer and songwriter for Warrant.

The reason I started this blog is that when Jani Lane died, I was inconcolable. I didn't know how to tell the world I miss him. Even had he been alive, he wouldn't have heard me saying I thought he was a great talent - or if he had, he might not have cared. So here is my euology. We miss you, Jani.

Jani was a great talent. He started as a drummer, but had a voice unlike anyone from that era. He could purr and roar equally well. He wrote all of Warrant's songs. He wrote some beauties, but I would listen to him sing anything (and I have).

The glam rock era was full of men (and a few women) who looked the part and played the part, but few of them had talent that endured. I was a great glam-metal enthusiast, yet I can count on one hand the performers who were also artists. Jani was one of the few. I don't think he got the credit he deserved. I don't know what kind of legacy he wanted to leave the world; it was clear that he didn't want "Cherry Pie" to be it. But few people leave the legacy they want to.

I and many others around the world honor him by singing his words back to the stereo. I speak highly of him, and share his art. I teach my children his words. I honor him by telling the world that sometimes, when I hear him sing, I think I could take flight. Through the years Jani Lane has continued to give me a deep and enduring gift. I give back to him by incorporating what I knew of him into my life, while I am here.

The best eulogy I read for Jani was by Chuck Klosterman, who always seems to hit the nail on the head.

And finally, my deep regret that I only saw Jani perform (with Warrant) once, a long, long time ago. This poem is for him. RIP Jani.  We miss you.  A lot.

There must have been a moment
when you heard my voice
wrapped in thousands of other girls':
All of us thinking
we were your biggest fan.
But you know,
one of us had to be right.
I just want you to know
that I still hear you
loud and clear
And it warms me to know
that my voice touched your ears
Even if only