Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cinderella's Raincoat

From about 2000, because everything old is new again:

Cinderella's Raincoat

It rained on Cinderella, you know:
an hour before the pumpkin turned
she got wet
after the ball
And her hair came down
And her make-up ran
She slipped into his puddle
and her slipper slipped off

Cinderella had a raincoat, you see:
sometime before riches fell to rags
Prince Charming
at the ball
Didn't offer his coat
because he wanted to know
if she would put hers on
She kept heart through his puddles
and kept her own heart dry

Cinderella's raincoat wasn't yellow, after all;
at 11:00 on that magical night
She shivered
from the fall
Her coat dropped to the floor
And her hair came down
And her make-up rain
The slipper didn't even need to fit
because Cinderella's raincoat