Saturday, March 2, 2013

Celebrate Elizabeth Peters!

Or Barbara Michaels, or whatever you want to call her. 

Celebrate the love for this great author, who wrote some of the first strong women characters I ever read.  You can share your love for her on the Bookshelves of Doom web site this week:

Here is what I wrote about her.  Though I'm an avid reader, I don't own a lot of books.  I'm picky about what's on my shelves.  But her books are some of the few I acutally own.

Elizabeth Peters created heroines who were true role models for me.  They are curious, smart, independent, and willful.  The romantic banter was always witty and againt, intelligent.  And I always closed the book having learned something new about art, geography, or history.  To this day, so many years later, I still haven't read books that manage to teach, inspire, and melt my heart the way hers do. 
If you haven't read anything by this iconic author, check her out.  It's light and heavy at once.  These books are mystery and adventure, romance and comedy.  It's funny and serious.  It's romantic yet not schmarmy.  It will teach you new things, in every chapter.  Her books manage to be dense yet entertaining. 

She herself is a fascinating character: she has a PhD in Egyptology and is a world traveler herself.  She's written so many books you won't even believe the full list.  A prolific, colorful character in her own right.

Hooray for Elizabeth!  Entertaining readers and paving the way for strong female characters (and writers)!