Monday, April 30, 2012

The Death of the Mommy Tax

I know I'm not the only mother who does this: eat my kids' leftovers.  Those buttery frozen waffle crusts are pretty awesome.  Now, I know some people are grossed out by this - some mothers, even (I think of you, Jill Smokler!).  I wish I could be more like you, Jill.  I wish I weren't tempted by those little crusts. 

I used to always joke that those leftovers had no calories.  But sadly, that's not true.  And now, with my vegan-until-6 routine, many of these tempting leftovers are off-limits for another reason.  Those buttery crusts don't fit the mold.  Neither does the crispy chicken nugget, the half of cheese taquito, or the small scoop of mac 'n cheese left in the pot. 

This morning, I pb-ed my toast and buttered theirs.  I composted the little crusts, and enjoyed eating the ends of their bananas (sorry, Jill).  On the way home from our walk, I stopped in the mini-mart to get some milk.  Of course they asked for little chocolate milks, and I did buy them. 

Here is where I have to explain the 'Mama tax.'  Often when I open a treat for the kids, I take some before giving it to them.  I call it the Mama Tax.  They tolerate it grudgingly, like people tolerate all taxes grudgingly.  When I open special milks, for example, I often take a chug first.  The bottles are very full and spill-prone, so I'm helping us all out.  Plus, Jill Smokler would be proud - no backwash.

Except this morning, I couldn't do that.  Because, vegan.  I love that creamy chocolate milk, but the Mama tax is no more. 

They left some in their bottles, and those bottles are in the fridge.  When 6 pm comes, I am digging in.

Which leads me to think that either 1)I need to get used to this diet, so that it doesn't feel like a deprivation, or 2) it's not working for me.  I have never been a binge eater, but suddenly I feel like cramming my face at dinner, when I know I can.  And it's only been 4 days.  Is this something I have to get used to, or is it simply a model that doesn't fit me?  Time will tell; I'm not giving up yet.