Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Reluctant Vegan, moving along

Today was the easiest yet, simplicity-wise. 
  • For breakfast, I tried chestnut butter on toast.  It didn't move me.  This is partly because a) I used rye bread.  Not sure what I was thinking, but it was leftover and I thought it would be ok.  It wasn't.  b) I prefer savory breakfasts to sweet.  How can I make for a savory breakfast that I can take with me to work?
  • I had another of my husband's great meals, which was a mystery until I opened the container. It was rice, tuna (I know, not strictly vegan), olives, roasted peppers, herbs and dressing.  It was awesome.  Again, so fulfilling, and reminding me that with a little effort, this is no problem.
  • I had to get a few groceries and stopped at a more upscale store than my usual.  They have lots of vegan treats, so I scored myself a very good brownie.  It was delicious, but tasted like...a vegan brownie.  It really did taste like something was missing.  But honestly, after a few bites, I didn't really notice.  And it was very filling, and I didn't even finish it.  I gave the rest to my son and he didn't seem to notice any difference, either. Anyway this brings up an interesting point, that I'm sure most people already know:  going vegan doesn't at ALL equate to losing weight.  The reason Bittman did it half-way was for overall healthy eating, and that's my reasoning too.  Paying more attention to what's in my food is the goal here.  Losing weight will be nice, and probably will come along for the ride.  But hey, giant bowls of spaghetti with olive oil or sauce is vegan.  Vegan brownies are vegan.  Peanut butter is vegan.  You could gain a lot of weight on this diet.  Variety is the key here.
  • For dinner we had pancakes and sausage.  The pancakes themselves were vegan, and the sausages were fresh and tasted better than ever.  I rushed out to a meeting, and here's the bad part: when I came home around 9, I stuffed down another sausage, cold from the fridge.  I knew I wouldn't be able to eat the leftovers tomorrow like I used to, and I just wanted to savor the taste of sausage a little more.  Who knew I was that attached to meat?

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