Friday, January 6, 2012

And now, a few words about one of my favorite things: FOOD!

Did you see the applesauce section in Everyday Food magazine, with a few variations to try?    I decided to try all 4 variations, and last night was our cranberry orange. I made up a chart where each person got to rate it 1-5, with comments. I announced that on applesauce night everyone gets dessert no matter what so that took the pressure off. Dinnertime can be a fight, on other nights.  I'm sure this isn't only in my house right?  RIGHT? 

Anyway, I gave it a 4 - it was great but didn't blow my mind. The kids all gave it a 5, with comments like 'just right ' (#1 son) and 'it's so good' (daughter). I assumed #2 son gave it a 5 because he had 3 servings.  My husband's comment was 'very good' but he still only gave it a 2. This is typical of my husband. The two cats gave it a 0 and their comment was 'not enough fish.' I crack myself up sometimes. 

That's all for me about food. Time to get in the shower while Elmo is still hypnotizing my kids.

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